Calling all NHL Agents

March 06, 2019

Million Studio

Help us, help you

Thank you to our customers,  who spent time with us on the phone over the past few months, describing some of the marketing pains they face as they manage their player's marketing needs. We heard you!  So, we did what we do best and built a platform to help our NHL agent community solve some of those problems. As you prepare your agency, your players and your prospects for the off-season, here are a few things to think about:

Take control of your player’s brand value

Assess your player’s Brand Equity Score (BES). Some of you have players who garner more attention from brands, and some of you wonder how you can get your younger players more attention. We’ve built a proprietary scoring methodology for you to understand how your players measure-up in "off-ice" brand monetization potential , and the tools to manage their score. Curious where your players stack up? Email us and we’ll pull your player's scores as well as offer some actionable tips for getting them more attention from brands. 

Tell a better story, build a more valuable brand

Introducing Content Marketplace and Automation tools, two new features that will help you save time, and increase your player's brand awareness and value.

Marketplace: Outsource content ideation and production to some of hockey’s best creators.  The combination of original content and influencer amplification will drive the right, monetizable, attention to you and your player’s digital properties.

  • 25 of the top Hockey Creators
  • 2.8 Million reach

Check out some recent work our creators did for Red Bull and Team USA Olympic hockey player, Hillary Knight.

  • Over 6 million total views

Content Automation

Automatically create Instagram graphics and videos based on player highlights and milestones. Simply add your organization's branding, then post to social media or send them to your players. We pull data from league APIs in real-time and notify you when new graphics are available. Why it works:

  • Saves our agents ~10 hours/week
  • Increases player social media engagement by ~35%
  • Increases player social media followers by 13% per post

Last Call: We're looking for 5 more agents to join our Founding Agency Board.  Here's what you'd get...

  • Access to these products
  • Access to our team
  • An updated agency website, which includes our NHL API
  • Brand scoring and help with sourcing brand deals

If you have any questions, please email us at