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Too many content creators depend on platforms and partners to define their business. Million builds tools to help you stay independent.


Million is built on a proprietary content management system called Shuffle Design. It uses a combination of APIs and machine learning algorithms to create a unique brand for each of our members.


The company was founded by Nicholas, Layne, and Conor.

Own your audience

The growth platform content for creators

  • Million is an intelligent assistant that helps content creators own and monetize their audience through a branded membership website.

  • Create a unique brand. Instantly design your website & social media assets.

  • Create interactive experiences. Turn your followers into

  • Create custom dashboards that measure all of your social media activity.

  • Grow your audience across every social media platform.

Features & Pricing

All Features | $39 / Month
Each 10,000 Members | $10 / Month
  • Website

    Create an interactive website to engage your audience
  • Domain

    Brand your channel with a custom web and email domain
  • Analytics

    A dashboard to analyze your social and website engagement
  • Workflows

    Streamline communication by automating social media tasks
  • Engagement

    Keep your audience engaged with giveaways, games, newsletters, and more
  • Notifications

    Make sure fans get notified when you post new content


  • Is Million a partner network?

    Million is a platform, not a partner network. Partner networks love us becuase we increase video views and clicks. Million is also a great platform for independent content creators.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    Hell no! Sign up for free and access all of Million's features when we launch.
  • What is a member?

    Members are loyal fans who sign in to your Million website via Twitter, YouTube, or another social network. Our pricing is based on the volume of email, text, and push notifications sent to your members.
  • When will Million be available?

    Million is currently in closed beta. We are working closely with a few top content creators to perfect the product before it is released. Sign up and we'll notify you when we launch in 2017.